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  • What is the web address for the incoming and outgoing mail server?

    The incoming mail server is and the outgoing mail server is Make sure you type them all in lower case. Click here for more information.

  • I go to WebMail and see the subject line of each email is different from the list of the mailbox, why?

    Please go to "Settings" menu and click on the "Rebuild Indexes" button to re-arrange the order of the emails.

  • It takes a very long time to download my email. Why is that?

    Depending on your connection speed and whether your email has attachments (e.g. image file, document files), it may take a while to download all your emails. For example, a 56k connection usually download mail at ~ 5minutes / 1Mb. Please DO NOT interrupt the download process or it will restart the process and will eventually take longer to complete the task.

  • I have received a lot of junk email. How can I filter them out?

    Our email system has adopted a SPAM mail detection algorithm which will identify SPAM mails and tag them with "****SPAM****" in the subject field of the email. You can setup mail filter rules in your email program (e.g. Microsoft Outlook / Outlook Express) to filter them into a separate folder. Click here to see setup details.

  • Everytime I open Internet Explorer, it shows up a connection box asking me to connect. If I want to disable it, what should I do?

    Please go to "Tools" menu in the Internet Explorer, and select "Internet Options". Once the "Internet Options" window opens, go to "Connections" page and select "Never dial a connection". Alternatively, if you want to enable it, please select "Always dial my default connection".

  • When I send and receive emails, the dial-up connection is disconnected immediately. Why?

    For Outlook Express, please go to "Tools" menu, "Options" and "Connection" page. Under "Dialup" section, remove the check from "Hang up after sending or receiving". For Outlook 2000, please go to "Tools" menu, "Options" and "Mail Delivery". Under "Dial-up options", remove the check from "Hang up when finished sending, receiving or updating".

  • I am using Outlook Express for my emails. I could not receive any attachment or I received only a message indicating that the attachment was unsafe. Why?

    Please check if the virus-protection feature is on. Please go to "Tools" menu, "Options", "Security" page and see if the check box "Do not allow attachments to be saved or opened that could potentially be a virus." is marked. If so, uncheck it and press "OK".

  • I am trying to send email with attachment. The email went through fine but the recipient cannot find the attachment.

    The mail filter we have installed includes a new security feature that blocks attachments that are considered unsafe. In fact, Microsoft Outlook 2000 will now block these file extensions by default. Below is a list of them:
    Extension	File type
    .ade Microsoft Access project extension
    .adp Microsoft Access project
    .asx Windows Media Audio / Video
    .bas Microsoft Visual Basic class module
    .bat Batch file
    .chm Compiled HTML Help file
    .cmd Microsoft Windows NT Command script
    .com Microsoft MS-DOS program
    .cpl Control Panel extension
    .crt Security certificate
    .exe Program
    .hlp Help file
    .hta HTML program
    .inf Setup Information
    .ins Internet Naming Service
    .isp Internet Communication settings
    .js JScript file
    .jse Jscript Encoded Script file
    .lnk Shortcut
    .mdb Microsoft Access program
    .mde Microsoft Access MDE database
    .msc Microsoft Common Console document
    .msi Microsoft Windows Installer package
    .msp Microsoft Windows Installer patch
    .mst Microsoft Windows Installer transform; Microsoft Visual Test source file
    .pcd Photo CD image; Microsoft Visual compiled script
    .pif Shortcut to MS-DOS program
    .prf Microsoft Outlook profile settings
    .reg Registration entries
    .scf Windows Explorer command
    .scr Screen saver
    .sct Windows Script Component
    .shb Shell Scrap object
    .shs Shell Scrap object
    .vb VBScript file
    .vbe VBScript Encoded script file
    .vbs VBScript file
    .wsc Windows Script Component
    .wsf Windows Script file
    .wsh Windows Script Host Settings file

    If you would like to be able to send out an attachment with of of these extensions, simply rename your file first to .bin (e.g. rename a file from "abc.exe" to "abc.exe.bin") and ask the recipient to rename it back to the original file name. Similiarly, if you are expecting a file attachment but cannot find it in the email, please ask the sender to rename the attachment and send it again.

  • Whenever I press "Sent/Receive" button in Outlook/Outlook Express, it always shows "fail to connect to the server '' ". Why?

    Norton anti-virus has an option to protect emails from getting virus, and it automatically sets the address on the incoming mail server if this option is selected during the installation. This automatic setup feature is only applied for Norton Antivirus 2001 or earlier. If you receive this error message, please disable the email detection in the program and change the incoming mail server to "" and outgoing email server to "" respectively. For more information on the Norton's program, please refer to the manual.

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