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Introducing our new web-based mail client (Openmail)

To better serve our Lynx customers, we are delighted to announce the immediate availability of our new webmail system (Openmail). The new Openmail is a sophisticated web-based email client with many new features and is more robust in handling large amount of emails.

New features include:
  • Multilingual support. You can choose between English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese in operating the Openmail
  • Change character encoding to view emails in different languages
  • Spell check function
  • Ability to create advanced filter rules for email management
  • Ability to download mail folders for archiving
  • Ability to setup multiple email addresses
    • Configure and check multiple email accounts (POP accounts)
    • Choice to send email from different email address
  • Better HTML email support
  • Ability to compose HTML email using the included HTML editor
  • Ability to handle multiple attachments in composing email
  • More options to customize your Openmail
  • Calendar to keep track of activities

To help our webmail users to get familiar with the new system, we will be providing both existing and the new Openmail system for our users until May 15, 2005. Any feedback or technical issues, please email us at support@eSeeLYNX.com. The existing webmail system will be offline after May 15, 2005. Please login to the Openmail system today to enjoy the new benefits.

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